Our Wheels of Life Online Chakra Course: Find your true happiness by understanding your body and mind.

What would your life be like if you could truly be happy and identify what your body is really telling you? | taught by Paty Hernandez

Course description

Depressed? Anxious? Fearful? Without Purpose? Stressed? Unbalanced?

Are you tired of trying to figure out on your own why you are feeling the way you are?

Irene and I have felt these emotions numerous times before and have found throughout our healing journey numerous techniques that have helped us regain balance in our lives. Now we are sharing our experiences with you so you can incorporate the best techniques and resources that will help you along your healing journey. Within our course, we're going to give you information, tips, guided meditations and more that will allow you to identify which chakra is out of balanced and how it pertains to your current life situation so you can know EXACTLY what to do and HOW to get back into balance, and take control back of your life. Best of all, you'll feel better and more energized!

Your time is valuable and you need to spend it the right way with the right tools.

The chakras are like a roadmap that have helped us understand where we feel imbalanced in life as it offers insight into the underlying causes for health issues while connecting holistically; mind, body, and spirit. We have found that using the chakra frameworks with our individual clients numerous mental, physical, and emotional health issues have cleared up and our clients have found a cause for their ailments.

As Eastern medicine teaches us, the body is not a separate entity split up by organs, nervous system, endocrine system, etc. but an intricate system that is impacted by our thoughts, our life’s experiences, and our beliefs.

We've done the research and practice; all you have to do is enroll, show up, and use the techniques and tips we've identified for you. Find the best ones that fit into your life and learn from others in the course. It couldn't be any easier, but a deal this sweet won't last.

Who does this course help? Our course empowers heart-centered individuals, who often give more than they receive, learn how their mind, body, and spirit are interconnected through the chakras. By understanding which chakras are blocked they can work towards balance and enjoy a happy and healthy life so they can continue to be of service to others without draining their life energy.

As Irene and I have worked with the chakras and taught others about them, we have seen revolutionary changes in our clients. Most importantly though, they have learned chakra specific techniques that they can apply in their lives for personal self-care and self-empowerment which you will learn in this course. By understanding the chakras and how energy impacts their lives, people have continued to thrive as they take charge of their own lives, which has led to more health and happiness.

Here are 4 inspiring reasons to join today

Reason 1: The healing power of the rainbow colors

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A rainbow always shows up in 7 colors and in the same way, although sometimes it shows as double. Everywhere you look, the 7 colors of the rainbow are reflected in nature, which causes your body and emotions to react even if it is unconscious. These colors, and their various shades, are being proven in numerous scientific studies to now have their own vibration that positively or negatively affect our bodies, thus validating color therapy, which has been used for centuries. The chakras follow the rainbow pattern with each chakra having its own frequency and purpose. By bringing more of each color into your life through foods, clothing, surroundings, nature, etc. it will help to bring you more into balance as you become more in tuned to your body and mind.

Red vibrates within the root chakra by giving energy and stability to the body.

Orange vibrates within the sacral chakra for creativity and hope.

Yellow vibrates within the solar chakra to enhance personal power in relationships.

Green vibrates within the heart chakra offering healing throughout the body.

Blue vibrates within the throat chakra enabling you to speak honestly and freely about what brings you happiness.

Indigo vibrates within the brow chakra as you enter a deeper awareness of who you are and your purpose.

Purple and white vibrates within the crown chakra connecting you to the spiritual energy that surrounds us all regardless of your religious or non religious preference.

Improve your health by taking responsibility and learning new skills, which you can easily apply daily and effectively.

Reason 2: Release Stress with the chakras

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When was the last time you said you felt stressed? Today? Yesterday? A month ago? Too much stress is known to cause chronic health issues, lack of motivation, lower your immune system, increase negative states of mind, repetitive thoughts, and cause you to feel powerless.

However, did you know that stress is the body’s reaction to a stressor, a situation that causes you to go into fight, flight or freeze mode, which is a survival, instinct from the first humans and is essential. Yet, when our bodies continue to react to stressful situations without being able to relax that is when dis-ease occurs.

As we are all different due to our various life experiences, there’s not a one size fits all stress release technique and even using the same technique for every situation is not suffice. By identifying which chakra or chakras are off balanced, physical or emotional health issues, at any given time, then you can choose the technique (s) that best relate to your lifestyle. Through chakra specific guided meditations, foods, or aromas that reestablish balance in your body among other tips offered throughout the course, you would find the best stress reliever that works for you in your current situation.

Once you feel balanced you will feel an increase in your daily motivation and enhanced self-confidence.

Reason 3: Community support and empowerment

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If you’ve been trying to release stress up to now on your own with little success, then that simply means that it's time to change direction. Within the course you will have an opportunity to write and share realistic goals so you can receive accountability and guidance as you empower yourself towards a happier and healthier life.

You’ll be part of a private Facebook group throughout the course with daily interactions to enhance what you’ll be learning in the program. You’ll also have email support with Paty if you would like to speak privately about an issue that’s come up that you would like to release. Once the course ends, you’ll receive an email with a schedule link for a complimentary chakra-balancing phone or Skype session guided by Paty or Irene.

Together we are more powerful and so with a community surrounding and encouraging you, you will become stronger and more focused on your path to a healthier you. You’ll learn how to embrace stressful situations as opportunities rather than negative challenges, which are part of your personal development.

Reason 4: True and Consistent Happiness

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True happiness is about finding what brings you joy and expressing gratitude for everything in your life, both positive and negative, as it’s what helps you grow as a person. It’s also about finding a work-life balance as you embrace the work you do and find enjoyment where you spend most of your time and energy.

A spiritual connection also brings true happiness because you feel connected to the loving presence of the energy that surrounds all of us.

Finally, as it’s a self-paced course and you’ll have lifetime access to it you can come back anytime and absorb the amazing energy the chakras have to offer. As time goes on we will be improving the course as we learn more about what you want so continue to check back in and see what new items we will have for you.

Our Wheels of Life is a self-paced 8-week online chakra course that offers you insight into each of the 7 main chakra and identify in which are of your life you feel off balanced. By tuning into your body and understanding more about your feelings and thoughts you can then take action towards releasing stress, anxiety, improving physical and mental health issues. Each week you will receive 3 emails with chakra specific information in audio form, tips to bring you back to balance, nutritional recipes, and a guided meditation for each chakra.

Week 1, introduction to the course with a bonus meditation.

Week 2, the root chakra: Learn how to feel more secure in your body as you become more present in the here and now.

Week 3, the sacral chakra: Learn techniques to enhance creativity and sensuality.

Week 4, the solar chakra: Improving relationships with others and self. Identify what is healthy relationship for you. Create holistic and realistic goals using Mariposas Holistic Balance form.

Week 5: the heart chakra: Engage unconditional love for yourself and others as you heal and open your heart.

Week 6: the throat chakra: Trust your authenticity and speak about what truly brings you happiness.

Week 7: the brow chakra: Connect with your intuition and inner wisdom.

Week 8: the crown chakra: Spiritual guidance and connection with all.

Week 9: Bonus: Combination of meditations, affirmations, and exercises for ease.


  • Total of 9 meditations throughout the course. Valued at ($350)
  • Audio and visual aids. Valued at ($300)
  • Downloadable resources (worksheets, PDF guides, meditations). ($150)
  • Tips and resources on how to detox your body naturally. ($30)
  • Additional week 9 with favorite tips and resources of all 7 chakras. ($100)
  • 2 phone Group Check ins throughout the course ($250)
  • Direct email access to Paty (priceless)
  • Access to a private Facebook group with other students
  • Discounts or deals on detox products ($5)
  • 7 Chakra Tea Set mailed to your home ($15)
  • 30 minute chakra balancing phone session after the course ($75 value)

Total Value of the Course: $1275

Cost for Our Wheels of Life Chakra Course is only $108


“ I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to take this course. Sharing with people who share our beliefs and who want to improve one or more aspects of their lives is extremely gratifying. I look forward to continuing this journey that has brought so much hope and wellbeing into my life.” –Carolina

“Paty, helped me realize my goals and gave me the tools to help me reach them. I think she rubbed her positive energy on me because since I met her I feel wonderful. I would highly recommend her course.” Amy

Discover your health concerns and identify the true cause of your ailments. Then with the right tips and support, release them from your life.

Meet the Instructors

Paty Hernandez is a compassionate and supportive counselor for heart-centered individuals who are stressed and overwhelmed by offering accountability and support in reaching their goals so that they can receive balance and achieve health. She is committed to empowering her clients to embrace life and enjoy each moment. She is a Certified Social Worker, Certified Health Coach, Food and Spirit Practitioner, an Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, and Intuitive energy Healer with over 15 years of experience. Within her practice she uses numerous energy techniques to reduce stress naturally and regain balance by releasing blocks that keep people in ruts.

Paty’s Story

For many years I, Paty, suffered from depression and feelings of isolation as I was constantly fretting about what others thought of me. Since I was 10 years old I recall meeting with various counselors and therapists about my acting out behavior and depression. My parents were worried about my rebellious nature but I was just trying to get their attention along with my older siblings. Throughout all the visits I recall telling similar stories of feeling depressed and isolated from others as I had few friends if any. Yet talking endlessly about my stressors really didn’t feel as though I was accomplishing anything other than enriching their pockets and not my life. I felt empty many times and I didn’t understand why. I recall at least once when I was 12 years old about committing suicide yet was honestly too scared to do it, yet the thought was always creeping around. Overall, I know my family was trying the best they could, I was just never satisfied and didn’t know how to ask for my needs of being noticed. When I was 18 years old I was dealt with a huge blow to what I envisioned was the expected life; settle down with my own home, a husband, and a steady job. I was told by a specialist that for some unknown reason I was unable to have children and to this day I still do not know why. That one comment rocked my foundation and sent me into a deeper state of depression, isolation, and rebellion. I was sent to another counselor and a psychiatrist to be placed on anti-depression medication, as well as, hormone replacement therapy because I didn’t have a menstrual cycle.

To be honest, I lasted a few months on the anti-depressant and a year on the hormone replacement therapy as it didn’t feel right. I decided that I will surpass this and find a new purpose in life which was to serve others through their life challenges. I then turned my pain and sorrow into healing as I began college as a social work student. I also left Miami in 1999 to venture away from the comfort and safety of my parent’s home and began my new path as a gypsy, a traveler without home-based roots. Adventures and new places have become my joyous life yet I have always struggled with staying in one place for long. Usually 2-3 years is the longest I can stay in one place and even then I still find ways to travel for short periods.

Then my foundation was rocked again in January 2009 as my older sister Yoli was diagnosed with non-smoker’s lung cancer. It shook my entire family and all of her friends because she was one of the healthiest people we all knew. I myself at the time was the only cigarette smoker in the family. (I have since quit due to this experience) I was in El Salvador at the time completing my Peace Corps service and she was in Miami with our family when the diagnosis was given. It never really sunk in about her cancer and what it meant until I returned home that summer. My sister by then had returned to Atlanta where she lived to focus on her recovery while our family remained in Miami worried about her and her decision to not pursue chemotherapy or radiation. I then went to Atlanta to spend time with her and to understand her decision. At that time my sister and I were very close thus she talked to me about situations and fears in her life she never spoke about to anyone. She admitted that she refused chemotherapy because it would keep her from telling stories to kids; she was a storyteller and actress which was her greatest joy. Also, she wanted to find the true cause of her cancer and shared with me numerous resources about healing oneself. It was through one of those resources that I learned about the chakras.

I never heard about the chakras or how the body can heal itself up to that point. I assumed only medical doctors could heal us or not as in my case. As she told me and shared with me what she had been learning about in regards to emotional issues leading to physical health issues a light bulb clicked in my head. I thought of my own issue of when I was told that I couldn’t have children and my health and emotional issues relating to it. From what she told me, the sacral chakra, encompasses femininity and the reproductive system which also stores more hormones than the brain. She also added that sometimes traumatic issues in our childhood or fears we may have of being alone could affect our root chakra, sense of security and comfort.

Yoli admitted that at some point in her past she suffered a traumatic situation that she was unable to talk (throat chakra) about due to various reasons and had to keep silent. This then led to struggles she had with speaking her truth about what truly mattered in her life and being uncertain about what she truly wanted, which I could relate to. She opted for natural alternatives to treat her cancer, such as raw food, energy healing, counseling, and spirituality, which she remained dedicated to until the day she passed away. Honestly, I do not know why she never recovered from her cancer yet I do know her healing journey shifted my entire life for the better.

Due to her cancer diagnosis and diligence to understand why she became ill in the first place it led me to study more about the emotional impact on the body and energy healing along with my social work background. Since 2010 I have been learning and understanding about the chakras, the specific energy centers in the body that correspond to physical, mental, and emotional health aspects. Time and time again within my counseling and energy healing practice I have seen how people’s health issues improved once we understood where they felt blocked in their body and what they can do to bring themselves to balance.

My sister’s healing journey has taught me to look at my own life and imbalances. What I have learned from her and my own research I now apply to myself, as I have been able to heal myself from my depression and imbalances within my chakras. I have accepted and forgiven my body and God for my inability to have children, a choice so many people take for granted. I have also accepted my inability to create roots and allow myself to flow through life in other ways. When people ask why don’t I have children, I respond that God preferred that I shared my healing gifts with others in different parts of the world and my business has become my child. Like I mentioned before I quit cigarettes and other self-defeating habits that were draining my energy and health. I have positively changed my nutritional ways, mental thoughts, and give myself daily self-Reiki for continued healing.. By understanding that my root and sacral chakras were blocked by the devastating news when I was 18 I also learned what I could do to shift the energy, which helped to heal myself of numerous physical and emotional discomforts I had experienced throughout my life.

Now I know how in the past I was feeling disconnected from my body and not being in control of what I could truly do to live a happy and healthy life has been a horrible sensation. However, now that I have learned about the 7 main chakras system that’s mirrored throughout other healing programs in various cultures, I feel empowered and grateful as I can take back control over my healing and my life. Healing as I have learned has different meanings for everyone and I know I wasn’t meant to have children. Yet I have been healed from depression, although when it does show up, I know I have the self-care tools to send it back along its way.

The chakras I have learned are like a roadmap that help me understand where I am feeling imbalanced in my life and offers me insight into the underlying causes for my various health issues while connecting holistically; mind, body, and spirit and that of my clients.

Irene Wertley, has been a certified Reiki Master and practitioner, certified Herbalist and Wellness Coach for over 20 years. She graduated from the Southeastern Center for Herbal Studies in 2003. Since 2007 she has owned Keipsake Body Emporium and apothecary creating natural alternatives and life plans for clients. She is also a vibrational and crystal energy therapist and a guided meditation specialist along with having studied Qigong and Tai Chi forms of healing. Currently she’s in the process of completing three books, one on food healing the other two are on spiritual and emotional transformation with excerpts offered throughout the course. She puts into practice her experience as she lives a holistic life for over 20 years which has offered her vitality each day. She has helped and taught hundreds of people over the years and am always continuing her own education to be in better service to the world around her.

My journey with Reiki began in 1996 while I was going through a challenging time as I was recently divorced from a physically and emotionally abusive man. From my first marriage I had a 4 year old daughter and a 7 year old son and began a new relationship. Also, during this time we were in the middle of a court trial as my children had been molested and we were in counseling. In 1996 child molestation cases were not approached with the same understanding as today. As a matter of fact my family was not understood by many and we lost many friends and day care because of it.

As a young divorced mother and watching all of this unfold around my children plus working and surviving it was all overwhelming. I was physically affected by the stress and felt like I had nowhere to turn. My mom of course told me to pray and ask for strength and healing which did. I still was not understanding if I was doing it right because I was not feeling any different. I always believed in miracle healings and the power and ability of the human spirit but I saw them as super powers and did not understand that we all have them. I continued praying that I would find the answers or miracles I needed and as fate would have it the Universe brought me the right resources just when we need them. One of my few remaining friends at the time who had been introducing me to many areas of the metaphysical world; herbs, natural healing, and energy such as vibrations and manifestation, had mentioned something called reiki and thought I should look into it to help with the stress I was under.

Of course I was interested and willing to try anything. As internet was not the dominant form of information as is now my journey to all the metaphysical and eclectic book stores of Orlando had begun as I spent the next year hunting down books on chakras, Energy, and Reiki healing. I began using the techniques and meditations and they were helping not only my stress but my ability to help my children, who were still healing. This created a positive distraction but I was still longing for more and my family was still in need of deeper healing. During this time as life carried on we had been inspired to open an distinctive jewelry store and it was there, in 1997 that I met my true Reiki master. She stumbled in wanting some custom jewelry made and one conversation led to another and we found ourselves talking about healing, chakras, and Reiki. She was the one who introduced me to the physical healing benefits of Reiki and after a few months of treating me, she agreed to apprentice me. I was eager to learn and to heal myself and others. Of course life's trials and tribulations had not lightened any. New lessons and opportunities as I was learning kept being presented to me by the Universe yet I persevered and in 1999 I received my Reiki Master title.

This came just in time to deal with another catastrophe as we lost our store, our family who had been torn apart for months and were just being reunited with our children, my husband suffered a severe injury to his leg. This put yet another financial strain on our family. Honestly, if it weren't for Reiki and understanding how energy flows through the body and manifests within it I don't think we would have made it through so gracefully. It was then that I decided to start healing and teaching others about Reiki and chakras. I began as a Reiki and chakra healing practitioner in late '99 and since then I have taught and facilitated healing to hundreds of people. I have seen Reiki heal physically, mentally and emotionally especially when combining the work with chakra balancing. I have seen it assist people through their last days and I have helped to facilitate peace within them.

I use Reiki everyday on my body, my loved ones, my food, plants, and water for it is the life force all around us. When I met Paty in 2016 and saw her love and enthusiasm for healing I instantly felt a connection. When she presented me with the opportunity to co-create the online chakra course I was feeling as though once again my prayers had been answered. With our experience and intuitive abilities we want to share the same inspiration to others as they continue their healing path.

Together, Paty and Irene believe every person should be empowered and in charge of their well being. For we know and have seen how each person has the power to heal and we want to help people to experience this. As intuitive healers we enjoy facilitating change in people's lives, helping them to increase their vitality and bring them to a new awareness of themselves and the subtle energies around them.

Your Personal Investment is $108 which includes all the above bonuses.

Risk Reversal (a satisfaction guarantee)

100% money back guarantee within 30 days.

P.S. If you're serious about taking control of your health and living a happier and healthier life, don't miss out on this course. Join our public Facebook page for a chance to learn about upcoming events, receive free gifts, and to ask us questions.

Disclaimer: The Our Wheels of Life Chakra course is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. It is not the answer to solve all of your problems yet will offer you tremendous insight as you connect your feelings and thoughts with your physical struggles.

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Paty Hernandez
Paty Hernandez

My mission as founder of Mariposas Holistic Healing is to empower heart-centered individuals experiencing stress and overwhelm through an integrated holistic healing system of transformational programs, support, and self-care resources so they can continue to manifest their highest potential towards a happy and healthy balanced life as they continue to be of service for the greater good.

I have partnered with Reiki Master and Chakra healer, Irene Wertley to offer you Our Wheels of Life Online Chakra Course. We believe every person should be empowered and in charge of their well being. For we know and have seen how each person has the power to heal and we want to help people to experience this. As intuitive healers we enjoy facilitating change in people's lives, helping them to increase their vitality and bring them to a new awareness of themselves and the subtle energies around them.

This course will open your mind and heart to new possibilities and awareness so you can find your true happiness by understanding the connection of your body, mind, and spirit.

Paty Hernandez, CISW, MPH, CHC

Irene Wertley



Here's a calendar of dates and topics for your reference.
Week 1 - Introduction
Our Wheels of Life, Chakra Course - 11/6/2016
Our Wheels of Life Chakra Course Introduction - 11/8/2016
Foods and the Chakras - 11/11/2016
Rhythmic Breathing - 11/11/2016

Week 2 - Root Chakra
Root Chakra - Introduction - 11/13/2016
(OWOL) Have you introduced yourself yet? - 11/15/2016
Root Chakra Recipes - 11/15/2016
Root Chakra - Tools - 11/15/2016
Root Chakra with Guided Meditation - 11/18/2016

Week 3 - Sacral Chakra
Sacral Chakra - Introduction - 11/20/2016
Sacral Chakra Recipes - 11/22/2016
Sacral Chakra - Tips - 11/22/2016
Sacral Chakra Meditation - 11/25/2016

Week 4 - Solar Plexus
Solar Plexus - Introduction - 11/27/2016
Solar Chakra Recipes - 11/29/2016
Holistic Balance - 11/29/2016
Solar Plexus Chakra - Tips - 11/29/2016
Solar Plexus Meditation - 12/02/2016

Week 5 - Heart Chakra
Heart Chakra - Introduction - 12/04/2016
Heart Chakra Recipes - 12/06/2016
Heart Chakra - Tips - 12/06/2016
Heart Chakra Meditation - 12/09/2016

Week 6 - Throat Chakra
Throat Chakra Information - 12/11/2016
Throat Chakra Recipes - 12/13/2016
Throat Chakra - Tips - 12/13/2016
Throat Chakra Meditation - 12/16/2016

Week 7 - Brow Chakra
Brow Chakra Recipes - 12/18/2016
Brow Chakra - Tips - 12/20/2016
Brow Chakra Information - 12/20/2016
Brow Chakra Meditation - 12/23/2016

Week 8 - Crown Chakra
Crown Chakra Information - 12/25/2016
Crown Chakra Recipes - 12/27/2016
Crown Chakra - Tips - 12/27/2016
Crown Chakra Meditation - 12/30/2016